About the Peace Council


Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario,

Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council of Ottawa
is a federally incorporated non-profit corporation,
and a Charity registered with Revenue Canada
for the purpose of promoting and providing education in Gandhian thought and principles to Ottawa and surrounding communities.


The objective of the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council of Ottawa is to promote education in Mahatma Gandhi’s principles and beliefs, especially those related to peace and non-violence. The Council will conduct and support the following educational endeavors:

  1. Organize seminars, workshops and cultural events related to Gandhi’s life and ideals, Gandhi’s writings, and Gandhian thought to enlighten, educate and serve the people of Ottawa and surrounding communities;
  2. Assist in the establishment of scholarships and in setting up courses of study and educational programs in universities and schools for studies in Gandhian principles and thoughts;
  3. Contribute toward the establishment of a Chair for peace studies and research at university level;
  4. Assist in the publication of bulletins, articles, and essays related to peace studies; and
  5. Organize exhibits on historical perspectives of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and his work primarily to educate people on principles of peace and non-violence.

The Board of Directors

Elected Slate of Directors [at the AGM on Dec 3, 2017]

Mrs. Rashmi Gupta, President
Mr. Rahil Khan, Vice-president
Mrs. Sneh Dhingra, Secretary
Mr. Dinesh Mohan, Treasurer
Mrs. Mayurika Chakravorty, ex-Officio Director
Dr. Noel Salmond, Director
Mr. Krishna Gupta, Director
Mrs. Mamta Dutta, Director
Mrs. Mona Aggarwal, Director

Appointed Directors

Dr. Kanta Marwah, Emeritus Director
Dr. Jagmohan Humar, Emeritus Director

We invite your participation – Please contact us: Our endeavor is to promote and support peace and harmony for the benefit of the entire community. The Council invites you to become a partner in this endeavor. Please contact us to provide feedback, and join the Peace Council as a member and contribute to its vision and objectives.

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