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Life Membership (Patron) & Annual Membership

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General Body of Members of the Peace Council

In accordance with the By-Laws of the Peace Council, a general body is now formed comprising registered members from across Ottawa communities. This general body shall set the policies of the Peace Council, direct its activities, and appoint/elect from among its members a governing Board of Directors to carry out the operations of the Peace Council.

Memberships Types

  1. Individual Membership - An individual may become a Life-time member (also known as Patron Member), or an Annual Member.

  2. Organizational Membership - A member organization can nominate individuals as annual members only.

Membership Dues

Under the By-Laws of Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council of Ottawa, the Board of Directors has just decided the following membership fee structure – considered as a charitable donation, for which a tax receipt will be issued::

  1. Each individual annual member, or each nominee of an organization member will be required to pay an annual subscription fee of $25 per member, or a 5-year membership fee of $100.

  2. Students pay a $10 annual membership fee.

  3. An individual who donates a sum of $300 or more, shall be a Llife Member (also known as Patron) of the Council.

Click here for Life Membership
(with a Donation of $300 or more)
Click here for Annual Membership
(Annual Fee of $25 - renewable annually)
(STUDENT Annual Fee of $10 - renewable annually)
(5-Year Fee of $100 - renewable every 5 years)

Privileges of Membership

  • Membership in the Council gives an individual and representative of an organizational member the right to vote at the general body meetings of the Council and to receive financial statements and reports, but does not entitle them to receive any advantage of a material character.

  • An organizational member may nominate any number of representatives as annual members for an annual subscription of $25 per person, or $100 for 5 years. Each paying member will have the voting right and shall have one vote.

  • The activities of the Council shall be carried out in furtherance of its objectives without purpose of gain for its Members or its Directors, and any profits or other accretions to the Council shall be used only in promoting its objectives.  

  • Life Members/Patrons: The Patrons will be consulted in an advisory capacity for guiding the activities of the Council. They will also be honored through the following special privileges:

    • Invitation to exclusive/special events, open only to patrons;
    • Reserved seating on each event;
    • Special notice of events.

Guidelines for Membership

Membership of the Peace Council will be subject to the following guidelines:

  • Any person or organization that subscribes to the objectives of the Council shall be eligible for membership in the Council.

  • In order to be eligible for organizational membership, an organization should be a legally constituted business, a Government or public sector organization, an educational institution, a community organization, or a religious, social or faith-based association.

  • An organizational member can nominate only annual members. Life-time membership is open only to individual members.
  • An eligible member may seek membership by submitting a membership application along with prescribed membership dues to the Board of Directors of the Council. Upon acceptance of such an application by the Board of Directors and payment of the annual membership as set by the Board, the person or organization shall become a member of the Council.

  • An individual or organizational member may withdraw membership by a written request to the Board of Directors.

Click here for Life Membership
(with a Donation of $300 or more)
Click here for Annual Membership
(Annual Fee of $25 - renewable annually)
(STUDENT Annual Fee of $10 - renewable annually)
(5-Year Fee of $100 - renewable every 5 years)

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