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Nomination to the Board of Directors
for Elections at the 2017 AGM on Sunday, the 3rd of Dec, 2017

Pursuant to the Article 5.01 - Board of Directors in the By-Laws of Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council of Ottawa, the Chair of the Nomination Committee, duly appointed by the Board of Directors, hereby invites nominations for the vacant positions (as shown below) for election to the Board of Directors.

Eligibility for nomination to the Board: In accordance with the bylaws of the Peace Council, only members in good standing (life members or annual voting members) are eligible to stand for the membership of the Board of Directors.

Board Memberships open: The bylaws of the Peace Council have made a provision of up to nine (9) seats on the Board.

This year, three (3) positions are vacant for a 3-year term each, for which nominations are invited.

How to Nominate?:

If you are a life member or an annual voting member of the Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council of Ottawa, you can fill out the nomination form below, and nominate yourself or another life/annual member.

N.B. A member being nominated by another member must send his/her consent to the nomination by email to nominations2017@gandhiji.ca.

Closing date for Nominations for the 2017 elections

All nominations must be received by the Nominations Committee by Friday, November 24, 2017. The Nominations Committee will compile the nominations, and conduct the election process.


If more than three (3) nominations are received for the three (3) vacant positions, an election through balloting may be required. In that event, the elections will take place through a secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will be held on Sunday, the 3rd of December, 2017 at 2:00 PM in The Ottawa Citizen's auditorium located at 1101 Baxter Road, Ottawa.

Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council of Ottawa

Board Nomination Form

Please note that: To nominate yourself or another member in good standing:

  • You and the member being nominated must be a Life Member or an Annual Member of Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council of Ottawa;
  • If you are nominating another member, please ask the member being nominated to send his/her consent to the nomination by email to: nominations2017@gandhiji.ca;
  • Please fill out the following form completely, and click the "Submit Nomination" button. Your nomination will be emailed to the Nomination Committee.

The Nomination Committee will acknowledge the nomination as soon as possible.

Nomination to the Board of Directors:
Full Name of the Member being Nominated
Term applied for

Complete Mailing Address
Telephone Number
EMail Address

(Optional) A brief Bio of the Person being nominated to the Board:

If you are nominating another Member above, please fill out the following information about you:
Name of the Nominating Member
Email address
Telephone Number
Certificate of Membership:

I, nominating myself or another member, hereby confirm that I am a registered Life or Annual member of Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council of Ottawa, and I have read the bylaws of the Council.