M.K. Gandhi Annual Lecture on Peace and the Humanities, Carleton University
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Lecture Oct 14, 2012 Poster Part 1
Dr. Noel Salmond
Professor of Religion, Carleton University
Introducing the Speaker
Dr. Anthony Parel
Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary
Carleton’s Annual M.K. Gandhi Lecture:
In Search of Pax Gandhiana (Transcript)

The M. K. Gandhi Lecture is sponsored by:

The College of the Humanities, Carleton University
Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council of Ottawa
Dr. Nishith Goel
Dr. Jagmohan Humar
Dr. Kanta Marwah
Dr. Pradeep Merchant
Mr. Kailash Mital
Mr. Jack Uppal

Lecture Oct 14, 2012 Poster Part 2