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2014 M. K. Gandhi Annual Lecture
Acknowledgement of Community Support for the Annual M. K. Gandhi Lecture
The M.K. Gandhi Lecture has been endowed by Professor Kanta Marwah, supported by gifts from Dr. Nishith Goel, Dr. Jagmohan Humar, Dr. Pradeep Merchant, the Late Mr. Kailash Mital, and Mr. Jack Uppal
Opening & Introduction
Dr. Noel Salmond, President, Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council of Ottawa introducing the Lecture Series and the Speaker
Lecture: "Gandhi's Solution to Religious Conflicts"
Dr. Arvind Sharma, Professor of Comparative Religion,
McGill University, Montreal

Answers to Audience Questions
Dr. Arvind Sharma answering audience questions on the topic of the Lecture "Gandhi's Solution to Religious Conflicts"
(the audience questions were not recorded)

Arvind SharmaLecture TOPIC: Mahatma Gandhi's Solution for Religious Conflict

Speaker: Professor Arvind Sharma
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Sunday, Sept 28, 2014 at 2:30 PM
Room 2200, River Building
Carleton University

Born in Varanasi, Prof. Arvind Sharma obtained a PhD in Sanskrit and Indian Studies from Harvard University (1978). In 1987 he joined the Faculty of Religious Studies at McGill University where he is now Birks Professor of Comparative Religion. Dr. Sharma’s writings have focused primarily on comparative religion, Hinduism, and the role of women in religion. A prolific scholar, he has authored some fifty volumes. His well-known titles include: Gandhi: A Spiritual Biography; Hinduism and its Sense of History; Religious Studies and Comparative Methodology; A Primal Perspective on the Philosophy of Religion; A New Curve in the Ganges: Mahatma Gandhi’s Interpretation of Hinduism. He has also edited numerous volumes including the widely-used textbook on the religions of the world, Our Religions.